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For those of you who don't follow the tumblr train (yes I almost forgot this site existed), here is this. dA Notes or email is OK!

Anyways hello! If you wanted to know about my commissions, you've come to the right place.

The Lowdown
JUST so you know, that since I work on a first come, first serve basis there may be a bit of time before I get to you - have patience, I will at least let you know an approximate time when I can work with you ASAP.

a) Send me a note, your idea, the more detailed the better. Please include all of the references you think I'll need because it really does help. Tell me whether you want a colored or BW picture done so I can tell you the exact amount it'll come out to, for clarity's sake.
b) I will begin no work until at least half the payment is sent to me first. You can send half, or you can send all of it it's up to you - the main idea with this is because I don't want to deal with UNPAID-watermarked pictures anymore. Let me know beforehand, because I have to send you the invoice.
c) From there we just go back and forth on the sketch until it's done, good. This can take a while, it depends - I'm willing to work with you on it.
d) Once the sketch is done please complete the rest of the payment and I will work the picture into completion.  Feel free to inquire at any time about how it's going, I'll gladly oblige.
e) It's done! I'll send you the complete version at full resolution, a full resolution INK version (no tone or color), a full resolution SKETCH version, and a resized complete version (this is what I upload).

What will you NOT draw? -Pregnancy, watersports, scat, furry, loli, beastiality.

How do I pay? - Paypal only please.

The Menu
Here's a list of everything I have to offer right now, along with the cost of each.

Colored - $70 (Extra Character +$15)

Sketch - $10 (Extra Character +$5)
[Sample] [Sample]

Manga Style BW - $50 (Extra Character +$10)
[Sample ] [Sample ]

Do Not Post - $2

That's it. First come, first served.
I'd much rather complete any transaction over dA's notes but if you want email transcripts of everything I can do that too.
My terms of service is basic and fairly simple: I won't prioritize people over others, if I fuck up I'll give you something for it, and I don't buy into this privacy thing - I will post what I draw and that's it.


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